Prestige Series


  • Lets the light in and not the heat

  • Rejects up to 60% of heat coming through window

  • Allows up to 70% of visible light into home

  • Clear window film won't change appearance of home

  • Reflectivity of window film is actually lower than glass
Ceramic Series


  • Rejects up to 59% of heat coming through windows

  • Allows nearly 50% of visible light through windows

  • Moderately tinted film provide more glare reduction

  • Slight change in the appearance of home

Night Vision Series


  • Heavier tint increases privacy during day

  • Better viewing outside at night due to low reflection

  • Allows up to 50% of natural light

  • Blocks up to 80% of solar heat

  • Increased window tint offers best glare reduction

P-18ARL (silver) 


  • This fully metallised film from 3M provides reliable and effective sun control with a highly reflective, quicksilver finish. It provides excellent heat; glare and UV rejection meaning you can drastically reduce the solar energy that causes damage