When you really love your car, you tend to keep it in great shape. At MAX PRO auto care center we believe and strive to maintain this passion for your car. 






Exterior Detailing Services

  • Steam wash to get rid of dirt and grime

  • Clay bar to remove surface contamination

  • Compounding to eliminate light scratches

  • Polishing to eradicate swirl marks

  • Waxing for added protection and shine

  • Steam cleaning AC vents and upholstery

  • Air conditioning germ & bacteria removal

  • High pressure steam extraction

  • Wet vacuum of carpet and upholstery

  • Vinyl and dashboard shining and protection

  • Leather upholstery and fabric conditioning

  • Thorough wash to remove dirt and grime

  • High pressure steam for stubborn areas

  • Engine degreasing with proprietary products

  • Shining and protecting engine components

Interior Detailing Services

Engine Detailing Services

Lights Restoration 

We have the optimum technology, tools and experience to provide a solution that will revive and restore your old headlights to the original factory state. The cost of having your old headlights restored is negligible as compared to buying new ones, regardless if they are available or not, original or not.