Our Vision :

'' The Ultimate Solution

For Quality ''


  • To be the market leader in window film solutions.

  • To provide the highest film installation quality that the market has ever seen.

  • To take pride in every aspect of our company and strive to advance our knowledge to provide the latest film installation techniques.

  • To bring a level of professionalism to the industry that no other company has offered.

  • To reach customers expectations and beyond.

What We Do

We are proud to be one of the 3M authorized service centers in the region and that by having all 3M’s Automotive Applications; demonstrated and served beneath one hi-tech roof. Max Pro Auto Care has over 8 years of experience in installing 3M car care products. All our staff and technicians have received extensive training based on our principles and they are fully qualified 3M Licensed Installers . In addition to training, their accumulation of knowledge and handiness is another asset we are proud of at MAXPRO AUTO CARE.